What should I expect during my first consultation?

Dr Pras will ask a series of questions about your current urological problem, your prior and existing medical problems, your current social circumstances and any other details that may be relevant for your care. After a physical examination and review of your test results, Dr Pras will explain the next steps in your management. This may involve further tests such as scans or biopsies, a referral to another practitioner, or an operation.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

    1. Medicare card and Private Health information
    2. Referral letter from your General Practitioner, or referring specialist doctor
    3. If applicable, your DVA card or Pension Card
    4. Copies of relevant blood and urine test results
    5. CDs, DVDs or printed copies of images and reports from any relevant x-rays, CT scans, Ultrasounds or MRIs that have been performed
    6. If you have had surgery elsewhere, a copy of your operation report
    7. A list of your medications, allergies and other medical conditions


Consultation fees

Standard fee  (Medicare rebate)
Initial Consultation $235  ($75.05)
Review Consultation $140  ($37.70)
Pensioner Initial Consultation $150  ($75.05)
Pensioner Review Consultation $80  ($37.70)

At Precision Urology we try to minimise out-of-pocket costs for our patients. Our fees remain below AMA rates for most minor procedures and endoscopic operations. Major cancer surgery and robotic operations will incur out-of-pocket costs in keeping with the level of expertise required. These fees reflect the surgeon’s years of training, unique experience and the quality of his outcomes.

We have no control over fees charged by pathology and radiology providers, or out-of-pocket costs for anaesthesia.